Portable Battery Pack for Apple Watch – Pod by NOMAD

Big on power. Small on size.

Pod packs a compact high density 1800 mAh lithium polymer battery which provides up to 4 full charges of Apple Watch, enough to keep you going day and night, and day and night … and day.

Very versatile.

Pod not only charges your Apple Watch, but you can charge virtually any USB powered electronic device from it simply by plugging into its integrated Type A and Type C USB ports – making it one of the first portable batteries sporting USB Type C.

Apple Watch charger and cable manager wrapped in one.

1. Lift Pod’s top off to reveal battery and USB charging unit
2. Insert the USB end of the Apple Watch charging cable into Pod’s USB port
3. Wrap the cable around Pod placing Pod securely in top nesting area
4. Close Pod by firmly securing top enclosure
5. Place Apple Watch back on top to charge from any angle


Pod for Apple Watch
Size 72mm (diameter) x 25mm (height)
Weight 80g
Technical 1800 mAh high density lithium polymer rechargeable battery, Type C USB (in/out), Micro USB (in), Type A USB (out)
Materials Precision stamped aluminum casing, polycarbonate plastic enclosure, Dupont Versollan TPE rubber base
Certification CE, ROHS
Charge Inputs Charges with Micro USB or Type C USB
Charge Outputs 5V / 1A Type A for 1m version of Apple Watch magnetic charging cable
38 and 42mm versions of Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Edition (for use with 1m Apple Watch magnetic charging cable), Type C and A USB for all other devices.

For Milanese Loop and Link Bracelet Apple Watch bands, we recommend disconnecting one of the lugs when charging from Pod

Available in space gray, silver, and matte black, the Pod is set to begin shipping on June 15 for $60.

Buy it at Amazon.

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