Cheaper Alternative to LoJack. Track Your Car with TrackR Bravo. ($28)

Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on LoJack. Now you can track your car using your smartphone with TrackR Bravo. Track your vehicle with your smartphone or just about anything else.

  • Quickly ring your lost item through the TrackR app
  • Pressing the button on the TrackR device makes your phone ring even on silent mode
  • Two-way separation alerts remind you to grab items before you leave them behind

If you can’t find your belongings, open the TrackR App and tap a button to make them ring. No more keys hiding in the couch!

Phone Finder
If you lose your phone all the time, there’s no need to have another TrackR to find it. Simply press the button on the TrackR device to make your phone ring – even on silent mode!

2 Way Separation Alerts
Prevent losing your items in the first place with separation alerts. If you leave your TrackR device behind, both your phone and device ring! No more leaving your purse or wallet behind.









Available on Amazon.

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