Huawei Android Watch Supports iOS

Huawei Watch preorders suggest Android Wear will soon support iPhone

The Huawei Watch, another nice-looking, round Android Wear smartwatch, is now up for preorder at Amazon. Pricing starts at $349 for a stainless steel model with black leather strap and goes all the way up to $799 for a gold-plated stainless steel watch with matching gold-plated steel band. That’s soundly Apple Watch territory, so it’ll be interesting to see what type of demand exists for an ultra-premium Android Wear device. Amazon says the Huawei Watch will begin shipping September 2nd. Continue reading

SKULPT AIM is The Ultimate Fitness Tracker

Skulpt Aim makes all those other gadgets look like toys rather than tools.

Skulpt Aim measures the fat percentage of individual body areas, as well as the muscle quality (MQ) – a metric of the muscle’s strength and definition. Using proven technology and proprietary sensors, aim collects thousands of data points per second to accurately evaluate and quantify the quality of separate muscle groups. Metrics are displayed instantly on the screen, and synced via Bluetooth to a personal online dashboard or mobile app. Users can track their progress over time, see the body’s changes, and optimize their workouts accordingly.
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Samsung’s ‘Safety Truck’ Films The Road Ahead And Shows It On Screen To Help Cars Pass It

Overtaking trucks in one lane road is the worst. That’s what Samsung is trying to fix with their Safety Trucks. It is a relatively simple idea. A wireless camera is mounted on the front bumper of the truck. It transmits images of oncoming traffic to a multi-screen display mounted on the back door of the trailer. That way, the drivers behind the truck can know if it’s safe to pass the truck or not. There’s even a night vision mode!
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Drumi A Portable Washing Machine That Doesn’t Use Electricity

A Mini Washing Machine Perfect For Small Homes, Works Without Electricity

Drumi by Yirego is a portable washing machine that doesn’t use any electricity. It’s perfect for small homes, and camping trips. The Drumi stands at just 22-inches tall and can hold up to 10 liters of water, allowing users to wash up to six or seven items at a go—it doesn’t require any energy consumption and is powered by stepping on a foot pedal to spin the drum.
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You Can Now Find Your Phone By Googling It

If you’re an absent-minded person like me and lose your phone like all-the-time, these three magical words will help you find your phone. Just type “find my phone” into Google search (provided that you’re logged into your browser with the same Google account as your mobile device), you will instantly get a map of the location, along with an option to ring it. Continue reading